The Auckland Florists at Flowers on the Hilltop

Ready to create a beautiful floral arrangement for you whatever the occasion.

Meet our talented, experienced florists from Flowers on the Hilltop

Meet Alex, our self confessed floristry NERD

Introducing you to Alex.
Alex joined Flowers on the Hilltop in February 2017 , coming from a background of event management and co-ordination in the floristry realm. With 7 years floristry experience to draw upon, Alex is a welcome addition to our team. Her favourite flowers are the Chrysanthemum and Lizzianthus. Alex remembers her granddad’s garden where his pride and joy were his Chrysanthemum flowers.
‘Alex is our Front of House Shop Manager, as well as being one of our wedding flower specialists.
Alex describes herself as a nerd with a creative flair, as well as her passion for floristry, she enjoys reading, painting, and having a laugh. At home you will find her wearing her onsesies and animal slippers with her nose buried in a good book, or being engrossed in an adventure on her gaming console.

Meet Kirsten, our thoughtful florist

Kirsten joined Flowers on the Hilltop in October of 2016. With a wealth of floristry experience spanning some 15 years, Kirsten definitely brings her expertise and love of flowers to the shop. Her favourite flowers are the Lizzianthus and Freesia.
Kirsten creates amazingly beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements, which always show off her skills and talents.
At home Kirsten enjoys designing, decorating ,baking and cooking,and of course spending time with her young family.

Meet Sandra, our wedding flower and formal arrangement specialist

Sandra joined our team in December of 2016 bringing with her a wealth of floristry experience. Her love of flowers began as an eight year old child,helping out in her Aunty’s florist shop, Verlaines in Mt Eden , dare I say, half a century ago .
Sandra has seen floristry change and evolve throughout the years but this hasn’t dented her passion for flowers.
Sandra specialises in wedding flowers and formal arrangements, both large installations through to the small and dainty.
Sandra’s skills and knowledge of the industry are a credit to her continued involvement in floristry and a bonus for the store.
When not involved with flowers Sandra can be found swimming at the local West Wave pool ,cooking up a storm for her Hubby and family , painting and keeping in touch with the community via a long standing association with Zonta International Club.
Sandra’s favourite flower is the beautiful Iris.

Meet Lynn, our gardening and herbal specialist

Lynn has a wonderfully long association with Flowers on the Hilltop stretching back to November 2008.
Lynn has formally retired but just can’t give up her floristry ,she now assists with training and nurturing our newer florists.
Lynn, along with her ever willing husband Maurice , is a tower of strength on big floristry events like Valentines Day and Mothers Day.
Lynn’s experience stretches back to an apprenticeship in Mt Eden some 51 years ago as a young passionate girl of 16, her love of flowers hasn’t diminished with her favourite flower being the colourful pansy, followed closely by all the spring flowers which she loves as they have a definite season.
When not in the store Lynn can be found growing gorgeous vegetables from her home garden along with many varieties of herbs.
Being the main stay of the local gardening club for over 35 years and two herbal clubs as well for some 12 years plus keeps her very busy and occupied with her community.
PS: if you’re needing herbalist advice, knowledge or folklore , or the how too on mixing a potion to cure arthritis, seek out Lynn’s expertise.

Meet Lani, our teen superstar!

Hey my name is Lani!
I started my floristry journey about a year ago in (July 2016).
I am enjoying learning about the flowers and how to care for them, making them into beautiful bouquets and arrangements.
My boss(es) tells me I have a natural eye for colour and form .
I am now working on learning how to create some of the more specialised floristry items like corsages and funeral wreaths.

In my spare time I love on line shopping and buying clothes and fashion products, keeping up with my news-feed on Instagram and watching make up tutorials.
Lani is our valuable youngest member in the team and can rightly say she now has another 5 mothers to fuss over her and give her “good” counsel solicited or not.
Lani’s favourite flowers are those like the lillies which have a fragrance.

Meet Nigya, our quiet gentle enquiring spirit

I joined Flowers on the Hilltop in February 2015 part time to help out with paperwork and data base co-ordination, from there I have been opted into all sorts of different positions being co-opted onto the counter to help serve as well as produce items for the big days.
At the present time, I am almost through an Urban Planning degree at Auckland University. I work on Saturday’s in the store doing all manner of floristry related jobs, there is never a dull moment. I am enjoying the creative side of making bouquets .

Last year I went to Holland as an exchange student for six months. I had the most awesome time travelling to as many European countries I could in the time frame ,and now I have a passion for travel as well as flowers and Urban Planning .

Nigya has a gentle spirit with just a streak of outrageous, this comes out in surprising ways , most people would say “butter would melt in her mouth” her favourite flower is the gracious Peony.

Meet Raywin, Managing Director of Flowers on the Hilltop Glendene Ltd.

Hello, My name is Raywin, I am the Managing Director of Flowers on the Hilltop and have owned the store since February 2004 .


I am not a professionally trained florist however, I have learned and absorbed most aspects of the floristry industry in the past 14 years.
I have always loved flowers, both in the garden and houseplants ,so bought this passion with me when I purchased the store.
My Mum had all manner of wonderful indoor plants which she carefully nurtured , I can remember trips to the local plant store (where I and my sisters were regarded as an unruly bunch, not very well tolerated) and to the winter gardens for forays to view the amazing array of tropical and seasonal flowers and foliage . Mum taught me and my three sisters about our garden and instilled a green finger or thumb in each of us.

The store has had a number of new faces and new looks over these many years and I enjoy the challenge of the continued journey. I love the fact that we are always reaching out to new customers and finding ways to engage with them.
With the advent of social media and the rise of the website , I have had to try and keep abreast of the many changing facets of business life, this has kept me on my toes and interested in the business and its progress.

When not in store I am at home in Stillwater relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet, I have always loved property, building , renovating and enhancing my current home space so, this is an activity that occupies some time as well.
I love yacht racing and have been a member of the Clearwater Cove yacht club for a number of years.
My musical bent is currently enjoying singing and trying to play the ukulele with a local group of like minded similar aged veterans.