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One standout feature traditionally associated with weddings and nuptials are the flowers. Flowers play a big part in any wedding ceremony and celebration, great care and attention should be taken to get them just right.   There are many different floral customisations for a wedding, the bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquet’s, flower girls, buttonholes, corsages, centre pieces for tables, flowers for the cake the list goes on, the choice is yours keep in mind your budget and your theme.

Flowers are a big talking point of any wedding, so choosing the right florist, colour theme, types of flowers, designs, can be daunting, then to make that all fit into your budget, without faltering on the quality, is a lot to get right. Working with your chosen florist, and keeping an open mind, will often provide the solutions and look you have been thinking about.  

Below is an introduction to the different types of blooms available for your wedding day, this list is by no means the be all and end all, after all it is your wedding and should follow your own personal dreams and desires to make your day spectacular.

Calla Lilly

Calla Lily are an extremely popular choice as part of the brides wedding bouquets, simple, elegant yet strikingly attractive, these blooms can come in snow white or a colour range from orange to mauve right through to an unusual and unforgettable near black. They do have a set season so are not available all year round.

Oriental Lily

Oriental Lily are available all year round with some slight seasonal price fluctuations they come in white, pink and sometimes pale lemon blooms, being very fragrant and strong these blooms are often used in wedding bouquets in New Zealand.


Gerberas are large colorful daisy like flowers. The traditional flower shape and appearance, these blooms come in a huge variety of colours and are available all year round. This means that they will look and be at their best no matter what time of year you choose to get married.


Tulips are hugely popular for weddings and, like roses, they come in a huge variety of colours. Their simple, elegant appearance make them perfect for weddings. They are at their best during the spring so ideal for those weddings taking place from June through to September.


Roses are the flower that traditionally epitomizes romance, ideal for that classic wedding look and feel. Roses are the perfect choice to fit in with whatever theme you have chosen to go for as they come in a never ending variety of colours, species and scents.

Hydrangeas and Freesias

Hydrangeas and freesias are newer varieties becoming popular on the wedding scene. They are especially suited to vintage themed weddings thanks to their appearance. Delicate in look and fragrance these blooms are popular choices. Hydrangeas are more plentiful in the summer months and freesias are almost a year-round flower now.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers carry a energy with them. As such, the choice of flowers for bouquets, buttonholes and decoration can reflect your personality and theme. Before making any final decisions we advise you talk it over with your chosen wedding florist and bear in mind the following essential tips:

Choose flowers in season

Choosing in season flowers will help to keep costs down. In spring for example there are lots of gorgeous blooms available other than roses. New Zealand growers produce a wide variety of flowers all year round and our temperate climate helps to give Brides a wide variety and choice of blooms.

Let your florist guide you

Keep an open mind on the types of flowers you want until you’ve talked to a professional florist. If your wedding is in winter and you’ve set your heart on a flower that is only available in full summer, then it will be harder to pick another flower without it feeling like a compromise. There are some blooms that have very short flowering seasons such as Dahlia and peonies, both a great choice in season but virtually unavailable at other times of the year.

Check for allergies

Remember the possibility of allergies before you pick your bouquet and buttonholes. Check if any of the bridal party is allergic to strongly scented flowers (this is more common than you might think), and if so avoid flowers like freesias and lilies in your buttonholes and bouquets. Having the chief bridesmaid or best man sneezing throughout the ceremony is going to be a little distracting at the very least!

Personalize your bouquet

Add something personal to your wedding bouquet to make it really special. This could mean adding a few flowers that have a special significance to you – perhaps the first bunch of flowers he ever bought you were tulips. Or it could mean tying the bouquet with a special ribbon or lace from your mother’s wedding dress.

Bring fabric swatches

You will probably have already chosen your dress and bridesmaid dress by the time you are discussing wedding flowers with the florist. Bring along swatches of the fabrics, so that flowers can be chosen to tone in with the dresses. You may be going for subtle pastels in your flowers or strong contrasting shades, but having the swatches there will make sure that you get the final effect just right.

Check for weight

If you are tempted to order a gorgeous cascading floral extravaganza to carry down the aisle, bear in mind how much it is likely to weigh. Ask your florist to give you an idea of weight by trying a similar sized bouquet. You might find that it will be too much of a burden to carry for any period of time however spectacular it looks.

More info On Wedding Flower Orders

QUOTATION: Each wedding consult/quote includes 1 x face to face consultation, and up to five email or phone consults.

CHANGES: Changes to the sizing or numbers of the booked flowers could incur extra charges. Please call us to discuss any changes early as they are often easily accommodated.

COLLECTION: We do not send wedding flowers by courier delivery and would prefer you to collect your flowers the evening before the wedding, or, early on the day. They will be suitable packaged and easy to handle for a wedding helper to manage.

COLLECTION ON A PUBLIC HOLIDAY: We can arrange a pick-up time for you on a public holiday, a surcharge of $50.00 will apply.

Call us on 09 8186556 to discuss your wedding day flowers.
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