Nearest Funeral Florist to Waikumete Cemetery

Flowers on the Hilltop Glendene is located 250 yards North from the main Waikumete Cemetery gate on Gt North Road, Auckland

The Waikumete Cemetery is situated on Great North Road Glen Eden, between Glenview and Awaroa Roads.

The Cemetery and Crematorium cover an area of 108 hectares and since 1908 has served as the main cemetery for the Auckland Region. It is the largest cemetery in New Zealand and one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere .

Many people have family members or friends buried in the cemetery and are unable to visit their loved ones as often as they would like, they live in other areas of New Zealand or can only make a personal visit when they return home on a visit from overseas.

Having owned the flower shop for over 14 years I am aware of the importance of memorial flowers in acknowledging for family and friends their love and remembrance for the person who has passed away.

  If you would like funeral flowers to be delivered to a grave site this can be arranged for you in two different ways.


Free Delivery to the cemetery office. (Using this service council staff will place the flowers on the grave site), available Monday to Friday, excluding those days that fall on a public holiday.

Personal Delivery to the grave site by one of our staff members. We will take several pictures of the sympathy flowers at the grave site for you,  then email them to you. People who have used this service have been very appreciative and it has given them great comfort, available Monday to Saturday excluding those days that fall on a public holiday.Choose your condolence flowers from any of those available on the website or call us on +64 9 8186556 during business hours to arrange your own choice of flowers and delivery method. There is an extra charge for this delivery method. Both delivery options are available when completing your purchase at the checkout.

Please provide a name and any further identifying information re the plot number if you have this if not we will search at the office for the details and make your delivery for you if this is required.( please note for a first delivery we will probably need to visit  the office to find the location, unfortunately the office is not open on Saturdays or Sundays).