On your way to a West Auckland Funeral ,Visiting a Grave Site? Family Service or Headstone Unveiling?

Not much time on your hands ! running late! what to do?

Call us on (+649) 8186556 give us some info on what you would like, we will have the flowers ready for you to pick up as you pass by. Pay when you collect.

Small bouquet

10 mins notice (approx) $35.00 to $55.00

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Bouquet,small posy,simple roll wrapped flowers,with wet pack stems.

Large bouquet

15 mins notice (approx) $60.00 to $120.00

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Wet packed stems or a bouquet in a vox or an arrangement in a container for giving at the service or standing at the grave site.

Sheath of flowers

10 to 15 mins notice (approx) $45.00 to $120.00

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Flat backed arrangements for laying at the grave site or on the casket.

Wreath or Casket Spray

45 mins notice (approx) $120.00 small, to larger $200.00 +

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Requires some preparation for the base the flowers are arrange into prices vary dependent on flowers chosen and seasonal availability. More usual for the family members to arrange. Please note when requesting this service by phone a $50.00 deposit by credit card is required.

We will make sure there is a card available for you to write on, or give us your message over the phone and we’ll write this for you, and attached it to your flowers.

Save those precious moments for the funeral and family, ease the stress , call us and have the flowers ready as you fly through!