Scullys Lavender Linen Water Spray

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Scullys Lavender Linen Water Spray

Enjoy the divine scent of lavender sprayed on your sheets and linen,  the linen sprays wonderful refreshing aroma will help with getting a good restorative nights sleep, being relaxing and calming there is no better way to fill the air with a fresh natural aroma. Spray a little on clothes whilst ironing or when they have been dried inside, get the outdoors inside with natural Lavender Linen Water. Spray.150 ml in an attractive spray diffuser bottle.

Refill bottle available for the spray diffuser, this is 3 plus times the volume of the Linen Spray so you will never need to run out of this wonderful product again. 500 ml .




Scullys Lavender Linen Water Spray

Lavender Linen Water Spray 150 ml bottle is divine for refreshing linen, scent your sheets and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Spray on linen and clothing whilst ironing or spritz your linen before bed for a night of restorative sleep.

Lavender is a relaxing and calming essential oil. ‘Dream of Lavender fields’.